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27 Nov

Contradiction between the way the economy has been organised

Contradiction between economy and ecology. How do you organize and
persuade people?

Although Mother Nature may look selfless and abundant, it has limits and
boundaries. Any disturbance in the nine planetary system (climate change,
biosphere integrity, land system change, freshwater use, biochemical flows,
ocean acidification, atmospheric aerosol loading, stratospheric ozone depletion
and novel entities) my cause irreversible environmental changes.

On the other hand, capitalism has no limits and boundaries. It is an inherently
destructive system that knows only capital accumulation and exploitation.
To thrive, capitalism requires re-expropriation of the environment and human
beings. This system’s incompatibility with the natural ecology follows its own
logic which focuses on exchange value instead of use value.

A few ways to persuade people about this is discussed below:
– Change starts with oneself and therefore, actions need to be taken at n
individual level if one wants to have an influence on people.
– Information and facilities need to be readily available (ex: use media like
small clips on TV in between programmes/serials to sensitise the public).
– Go to the people instead of inviting them- major public places (markets,
schools, church, bus stops,…) for sensitisation- education.
– Regular meetings with activists all over the world for updates and to find
alternative tools for protest.
– Alliance between movements and academics to join for the military work.

Reported by: Loveena Luxeemon

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